Our museum is a non-profit, cultural heritage center in western North Carolina.  Our gift shop carries a range of Scottish items from t-shirts up to a full line of kilts and accessories.  You can be confidant that all purchases made through our gift shop go to support our museum.  By shopping with us, you are helping to support education about Scottish heritage and Highland dress.  Before you place your order, we encourage you to read these notes about our gift shop.  Please browse through the different categories below, or simply follow the gift shop site menu above to access our full catalog.  If you have any questions or problems selecting an item, please write us at tartans@scottishtartans.org.

Remember, Gift Certificates make a wonderful gift -- always in stock, always delivered on time, and you never have to worry about the fit!
Please Click Here to Read Some Notes About our Gift ShopPlease Click Here to Read Some Notes About our Gift Shop
Ladies' Skirts
Tartan Fabric
Tartan Neck Ties
Tartan Sashes
Tartan Scarves
Tartan Shawls
Lady's Tams
Men's Tartan Caps
Irish Tartan Scarves
Irish Tartan Ties
US Military Tartan Scarves
US Military Tartan Ties
Tartan Blankets
Embroidered Clan Crest Patches
Clan Histories
Clan Art
Clan Mugs & Glasses
Scottish Food
Click here for Men's Kilts and Kilt Accessories!Click here for Men's Kilts and Kilt Accessories!


These items are not yet listed on our website, but we can get the following items for you below.

  • Carolina Ties
  • Confederate Ties
  • Citadel Ties
  • Tartan Banners

Call for ording information.